Switched Site to Jekyll

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I’ve been wanting to move this post from purely static content to a blog, and narrowed it down to Octopress or Jekyll. Went with my gut, installed Jekyll, and within an hour or two I had all the static content for my burgeoning website ported.

So tonight I’m busting out the new feature, blogging!

Things I liked about Jekyll: power of a templating language (Jekyll uses Liquid), but support for something very simple for pages (Markdown). With sinatra, I was already tired of thinking about the actual HTML I wanted in erb or haml. Haml is nice, but Markdown is even easier for just writing a post and having it look polished on the screen. But on the flip side, there feels like a lot more power is exposed in Jekyll, but started for you, than how far I had gotten with Sinatra and Twitter Bootstrap.

It also works with rackup with little to no stress, so moving from Apache + Passenger around a Sinatra app was a quick win, as well.

Next post will have some more meat, let’s keep this too short to suck.


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