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Ignite Talk from DevOpsDays KC 2017

less than 1 minute read

If you’re unfamiliar, ignite talks are 5 minute talks with 20 slides. The slides auto-advance. At DevOpsDays KC they had 5 or of these in a row both afterno...

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Go!

3 minute read

When core.async was new and I was kinda learning Clojure, I bookmarked Alex Miller’s blog post about implementing Rock, Paper, Scissors with channels. So now...

Put Unit Tests Before Style

3 minute read

“Aw, man! My pull request failed the style check! Here I’ll just fix that real quick and push…”

First Thoughts on Canada

2 minute read

Saturday morning I left Kansas City, headed for Cleveland. Sunday was Cleveland to Montréal. Google estimated this would take 22 hours if we didn’t stop.

A Belated DOES Summary

3 minute read

In October I attended the DevOps Enterprise Summit, a.k.a. DOES. Overall, it was a great conference. I enjoyed it immensely and hope to attend again next yea...