After finishing The Phoenix Project, I was on a high. I was sharing every highlight from my Kindle app with every person I talked to. I kept referring to the book whenever we realized there was an inefficiency in the way we were working. Before I talk about Continuous Delivery, I want to share some of those highlighted passages and why they resonated with me. Some of these quotes would make me bust out laughing, because it felt like they were documenting what I had seen around me, not adding comedic rests to a fictious narrative.

So when I finished reading, I was immediately ordering the Continuous Delivery book from Jez Humble, the next morning I was watching his talk from 2013, and now I’m off. I have a new hero, this guy is describing all the problems I see around me, and he has an answer I can’t wait to go and try. Next post will probably be on how that first attempt to employ some of his techniques go. I have a hunch, though, that it’s going to be in the realm of Continuous Integration. If you’ve watch the aforementioned talk, I might have already ordered a rubber chicken and a bell.